Day 0: Getting Back on The Wagon

Breakfast was:

  • Strawberry, mandarin, pineapple fruit bowl
  • 4 Strips of meat candy (Hormel Bacon)

The temperature as I rolled out of my warm bed was 38°F (feels like 29°F) and the weather people are talking about windchill advisories and freeze warning for later today and going into the overnight. This would be great weather in two weeks when I’d want it to feel like Christmas; right now it’s just oppressively cold.

Lunch was:


I got so busy dealing with the overwhelmingly incompetent customer service staff at OrlandoHealth that I completely forgot to eat lunch. I don’t understand why/how they think they can get away with collecting on a non-existent debt. The fact that the debt exists at this date is wholly their fault; but somehow they think that I’m judging them too harshly when I tell them they are incompetent. What’s really frightening is that the support staff are usually the least expensive people there, so my expectations are low to begin with, for them to be able to fail so miserably at meeting even those rock bottom expectations… one can only hope that the money they’re saving on the office staff is actually going to the providers.

Got a nice, cold, workout in at CFEvo and although I didn’t finish I did get four full rounds in; of course I was so wrecked from the workout, and especially the running, that I couldn’t keep my count straight so I only recorded three rounds. But after thinking on it, with a fresher mind, this morning I realized that time expired during my fifth run.

Dinner was:

  • Fried egg sandwich, minus the grainy parts…
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